Zeitgeist: Enhancing Solar Panels for More Power

Solar Panels for More Power

In 2019, during the ESA Power Workshop, engineers confronted the dilemma of limited solar power for spacecraft. Unable to boost the Sun’s intensity or enlarge solar panels indefinitely, they turned their attention to a clever workaround: making panels thicker. By layering micron-thick substrates atop one another, they effectively expanded the solar spectrum captured by each […]

Zeitgeist: The Sun is too Important to Spacecraft

The Sun and Spacecraft

Satellites, the silent workhorses of our modern world, rely heavily on solar energy to power their instruments and systems. Take the International Space Station (ISS), for example—it boasts the largest solar panels ever seen on a spacecraft (2,500 m2), generating a whopping 200 kW of power. But here’s the catch: despite all the advancements in […]

Fuelling Passion, Empowering Dreams: How Ikigai Drives Space Power’s Culture

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“A reason for being.“ At Space Power, we believe that our company culture is just as important as the technology we’re developing. We’ve built our culture around the concept of “Ikigai,” which is a Japanese term that translates to “a reason for being.”   We believe that every employee at Space Power should have a […]